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Greetings OSLC Members & Friends,

Restoration is underway in the sanctuary & lobby. So much is being restored during this process. If it wasn’t destroyed by the fire, it became un-salvageable due to the smoke damage.

As is to be expected, insurance will cover things to get us back to normal. There are, however, some items that we are looking to repair, replace or upgrade that may not be covered by insurance. Thus, we are going to raise some funds for these things. Our reasoning behind working on these items now is a practical one. The walls are gutted, we’re starting from scratch, let’s take care of it now. Here is a list of those items:

Roofing, Lobby Entrance Doors

There has been some rain water damage to areas of the sanctuary roof and walls over the years, and this simply needs to be addressed. The main entrance doors have also seen some serious wear over the past 24+ years.

Lighting & Video Systems

We felt it wise to invest in LED technology with our lighting system as opposed to Halogen and Incandescent. Not only will LED lighting save us money in the long run (lower energy usage & longer life span), it will provide us more options with color, visual focus, and control.

For several years, Gerod and I have been looking at ways to engage the congregation with a tool called Environmental Projection. Environmental Projection is the act of creating visually immersive worship experiences utilizing the intimate, yet powerful role of art & visuals. For an idea of what Environmental Projection is, visit visualworshiper.com.

WiFi Systems

Prior to the fire, there was very little coverage in the worship center for public access to wifi.

Security Cameras

It has become apparent that we need to invest in a security camera system that is a bit more robust than the previous system.

We believe the amount we need to raise to cover these items will range between $250,000 and $300,000. The total cost of the restoration to be covered by insurance will end up being 8 to 10 times this amount. We are grateful for insurance! We are also grateful for the many members and friends who have already spontaneously donated to the Beauty for Ashes Fund to help defray these additional costs.

Thank you for prayerfully considering giving a special gift to our Beauty for Ashes Fund. Click here to donate online.

Pastor Brian