Helpful Hints for Children in Times of Tragedy

  • Do your best to keep the television off, or at least limit how much your child sees of any news event. 
  • Try to keep yourself calm. Your presence can help your child feel more secure. 
  • Give your child extra comfort and physical affection, like hugs or snuggling up together with a favorite book. Physical comfort goes a long way towards providing inner security. That closeness can nourish you, too. 
  • Try to keep regular routines as normal as possible. Children and adults count on their familiar pattern of everyday life. 
  • Even if children don't mention what they've seen or heard in the news, it can help to ask what they think has happened. If parents don't bring up the subject, children can be left with their misinterpretations. You may be really surprised at how much your child has heard from others. 
  • Focus attention on the helpers, like the police, firemen, doctors, nurses, paramedics, and volunteers. It's reassuring to know there are many caring people who are doing all they can to help others in this world.
From Mister Rogers' Parenting Book: Helping To Understand Your Young Child by Fred Rogers

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144 kids and counting!

Thank you!
               -122 hungry kids in Afghanistan
Thank you!
               -22 more hungry kids in Afghanistan from Sunday's offering
Thank you!
               - 175 kids total in Afghanistan!

We've closed our fund raising for the 30 Hour Famine! I wanted to thank those of you who generously donated even after the event was over - we were able to help an additional 53 kids! God is good, and you're not so bad yourself!
We had 27 participants from 7th to 12th grades who denied themselves food for 30 hours on March 16-17. Which is pretty cool. But they also worked for six hours around the church during Faith in Action Saturday. Seth and Bryce above help unload 10 yards of dirt from a semi that will be the beginning of a community garden.
Alex , Gary , Anders and Brandon help put some debris from our dead and dying trees into the wood chipper.

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