The Power of the Marshmallow

While I don't want to undermine the overall message of self-denial, I would be remiss at the fuss actual marshmallows caused at yesterday's 11 o'clock service.

To sum up, we attempted to recreate the Stanford marshmallow experiment in church by putting one marshmallow each in front of one four year old child and a six year old child, who were told they could double their marshmallow take if they waited until the sermon was over. Naturally, it was not scientific, in that the kids were not alone in a room, but in front of an entire congregation of people watching them, but it was interesting that they were indeed tempted to eat one each other.

But they held firm, and indeed received another M for their trouble, and also won for their sisters an M as well. Not even before the closing song started, I had another customer, who had to wait until the end of the first verse. Not to be rebuffed, he joined pastor and I as we processed out of the church, and I told him that if he showed it to me in five minutes, he'd get another one. Not a second over five minutes, and he was back, showing me the first, and accepting the second!

He came back a third time, for, what I thought, was a third M, and I was about to rebuff him when he said, "Thank you for the two marshmallows."

Hope lives.

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